ALMA is a Latin word that means Soul, Spirit.

In a variety of languages, ALMA means kind, nourishing, lifts the spirit, feeds one’s Soul.



Our mission is to create products designed with Soul and Purpose.

Products designed with the purpose to be inclusive and that consider the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age, and other forms of human differences, like you and me.

Products designed with Soul, to be equitable, flexible, unique, and accessible to eliminate exclusion and to bring people together.

We create products designed with Love.



Each of our products is thoughtfully designed to be beautiful, functional, made from high-quality materials to be durable and be responsibly manufactured in a sustainable way.

We are an Australian, family-owned and operated business. We support other Australian businesses manufacturing almost all of our products in Australia. We purchase locally everything we need to manufacture, pack, and ship our products to you.



ALMA is the outcome of a long journey that started years ago across the Oceans in an Architecture School.

I am passionate about design, have a curious and open mind to new things which has taken me on a journey down lots of different paths, to different places and different people.

My design foundation was a long process, learning and teaching design for many years. Lots of architectural projects were created and built for an extensive range of industries. Natural Stone was one of the materials used in my projects, and after moving to Australia, it became a business. For many years I sourced the stone directly from quarries in Europe and South America, visiting factories and learning the exquisite character of natural stone and new materials. The manufacturing side of the business brought a new dimension to the design; everything is possible.

Learning and understanding the human differences during all these years is the most fascinating part of this journey.

Design is part of everything we touch, see, listen, or feel.  Understanding how design can impact human lives makes the trajectory magic.

My passion for inclusive design started one day when I was reading and researching about design. The ‘Inclusive Design’ words appeared and as I dug deeper, it opened the doors for a new world.

" The first step in understanding inclusive design is to start recognising exclusion. We’ve all experienced exclusion in our lives. It was the beginning to see where a product or experience that works well for some might have barriers for someone else. Recognising exclusion sparks a new kind of creativity on how design and a solution can be better. Exclusion and inclusion are a series of choices designers make every day. " (Kat Holmes)


ALMA’s choice is always inclusion.

Magali Lopes Adamo